Ever heard of a magical gin?
Then you are at the right spot here because Illugin is that first Belgian gin that changes colour.
Yes that’s right, it changes colour!

In collaboration with Salito Beach & Hoet Drinks, this fruity magical Belgian gin was created. It all started in 2019, in which you could find millions of gins from every corner in the world and all having their unique botanicals and flavours. So for sure our gin had to be something special. It needed to be an eye catcher, so we searched and found that one specific botanical that made it all fit as a unique combination.

After months of tasting and fine tuning, the final mixture of botanicals was found and a new gin was born. We proudly present you ILLUGIN, a sweet magical colour changing gin. 




Is it really that special?

Illugin contains some basic botanicals such as angelica root, junipers and caraway but the most important one is a flower. A very special flower that has the ability to react to sour substances such as lime juice or tonic.

Illugin brings you a full experience… It brings a magical colour changing spectacle in your glass. It sparkles your eyes and it tickles your nose and tongue with his fresh and sweet flavour.

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