Our Story

Illugin is a Belgian gin, created and inspired by Salito Beach Blankenberge.

The idea was to bring a new Belgian gin on the market. Not so easy these days as quite some gins already exist. Each one with a unique flavour and coming from all over the world.

So it had to be a special one. The special one. A real eye catcher with an extraordinary taste. And so the quest started…

After experimenting for several months with a lot of different ingredients, the final mixture was found and a new gin was born.

We proudly present you Illugin Blueberry & Matcha, two sweet magical colour changing gins!

Is it really that special one?

Illugin contains personally selected ingredients but the most important ingredient is a flower. A very special flower that reacts to sour fluids such as lime juice but also to tonic.

Illugin brings a magical colour changing spectacle in your glass and it triggers your nose and tongue with his fresh and sweet taste.

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