Illugin is the first Belgian gin that changes colour, created and inspired by Andy Bats and Jonathan Polen.

Jonathan is founder of Salito Beach, one of the most famous beach bars in Blankenberge – and well known for creating delicious cocktails. Andy is a freelance entrepreneur focused on development and operations. 

In 2019, their idea was to introduce a new gin. Not so easy as there are already millions of gins from all over the world and all having their uniqueness and different flavours. So for sure it had to be a special one. A real eye catcher with an extraordinary taste.

After experimenting and tasting for several months, the final mixture of botanicals was found and a new gin was born.

We proudly present you ILLUGIN, a sweet magical colour changing gin. Available in two flavors: Blueberry & Matcha. 

Is it really that special one?

Illugin contains some well-known botanicals such as angelica root, junipers and caraway but the most important one is a flower. A very special flower that reacts to sour fluids such as lime juice or tonic.

Illugin is a full experience… It brings you a magical colour changing spectacle in your glass It’s a feast for the eyes and it tickles nose and tongue with his fresh and sweet flavour.

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